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Nov 11, 2012 6:00am EST
sure hamas in gaza does not govern the relationship with egypt but that he did governs the relationship with hamas. if this is the route that the government of egypt pursues, then the potential for working relationship with israel is possible. if it tries to achieve political success via ideological means, then we, in the united states, will be in a difficult position and the israelis will be any more difficult position. we are about to see the completion of the security fence. people think of what is going up between the west bank and pre-'67 israel. it will not be done for a long time. the one i'm talking about is along the egypt-israel border which has unanimous support among the israeli political system and has gone up with lightning speed. that is almost completed and is likely to have a powerful impact on the potential for terrorism and inviting from inside egypt to israel. you have a question earlier? no? howard. >> 10 years ago, we were frantically trying to buy of stinger missiles in bosnia which got there from afghanistan, probably. if we consider legal support to the syrian f
Nov 11, 2012 3:00pm PST
in gaza. israel's military says rockets struck overnight. benjamin netanyahu blames hamas and says israel is on the verge of escalating their military response. they fired warning shots after a shell hit an israeli military post. it's the first time israel has fired on syria since 1973. >>> syria's rebel groups may be pulling together after pressure from the u.s. and arab nations. op ligs leaders met today and agreed to form a new umbrella coalition to transition into a new syrian government. it's considered a big step in the push to oust president bashar al assad. the government is fighting to e destabilize syria. the civil war started 20 months ago. 35,000 lives may have been lost. and we want to warn you. this next report shows graphic and disturbing video ofs atrocities. some viewers may consider it very disturbing. as arwa damon reports, heinous attacks may have become too familiar in syria. >> reporter: this is video from earlier this year. they crawled through holes and find an entire family killed by regime forces they say. a woman's body lies on the floor. in the room next to it
Nov 11, 2012 10:15am EST
hamas. to get at the syrian brotherhood which had been targeting regime elements. they are not free or innocent themselves and 20-30,000 people were killed in a couple of days. now it's been more of a -- what i call in the book, machiavellian blood-letting because the regime didn't want this single day or two day or three-day massacre of the city or a chemical -- use of chemical weapon s that would galvanize an international response and compel the international community to respond. so it's been more this piece-by-piece and has to do with the various limitations on the syrian army and the trust tt worthy elements of the syrian army. but i would blame the government most of all for that initial reaction. >> thank you. yes. >> yes, personally don't think we should have gone the middle east in a war for any reason, but bush had to have his war. the russians failed, the british failed. don't you think we started all these clans and these factions -- haven't we stirred them up by starting these things we did? can you comment on that? >> comment on how we can -- >> well, not on -- well,
Nov 10, 2012 11:45pm EST
and book award. thing keogh. from toure this afternoon. [applause] >> carla? >> a chronicle of the hamas stock rebels this it is particularly intriguing because it it is based on letters of the actual rubbles that 10 came across the structure it is of beautiful because he interweaves the letters. sean hill rights always a and ambitious public seven young rewards "the reader" with the latest volume of the book arden see. the kidnapped african who famously rebelled against their chapters to find themselves lending in america that robert haden roach of in middle passage and stevens been bit -- steven spielberg rendered and armas died here in this very important book readers in gauged with a tragedy and drama of this incident their exploration of the small human moment of the rebels' plight. a major american voice has brought this to bear in the book at once eloquent and playful. mrs. navtech of the 19th century event and we should be reading this book allowed. 10 young's bio it is in the program so i will just introduce them. congratulations. [applause] >> icing on top of basing now i can p
Nov 11, 2012 2:00am EST
him. -- not only on hamas but the area around him. he sees the high likelihood this will produce a backlash. he gives an interview with channel 2 on israel. you see him being burned in effigy. he can assume the consequences are if in fact he takes these steps. it has had a chilling effect on him. also, given what you see with the arab awakening has made him act more as a populist. you are going to do a deal. will it be durable? what are you going to visit after it? this is a time where thinking about taking big leaps forward has a tendency to think about what are the risks and not what are the opportunities. i would say it is understandable that both sides have that view, but i would also say something else. the status quo will not remain static. the democratic cockle keep ticking. the intellectual current with a lot of younger palestinians is to say one person, one vote. one of the challenges for the administration will be how do you preserve the possibility of a two state outcome that remains and stress, israeli interests, and palestinians interest. it will never achieve the pa
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)